COMBAT: Rank Up Fast: Empire- #00068

Empire Rank for Achenar System and Imperial Ships
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3. Do the mass-courier-mission-grind

A system called NGALINN is the place you wish to go to. Station: HICKAM SURVEY.

Using a small and fast ship is your best option here, as all you will do is grinding courier missions. No cargo, just data of all kind.

Dock at Ngalinn. Open Starport Services. Open Mission Board. Check for all kind of cargo-less courier missions to system MAINANI - which is close by.

Collect missions until your mission computer is filled up to the brink (20 missions max). If you got enough money, accept all 'donate money for xyz' you see, they not only add up rank, they also create more courier missions.

With your filled up mission computer, undock and fly to MAINANI's MIES VAN DER ROHE'S CLAIM station.

Dock. Starport Services. Mission Board. Complete all missions and make sure you always choose the one of the three options with the highest number of '+' symbols at REPUTATION. (Usually two of them).

You will not find as many missions at MIES, so just collect once what you see calling for a courier back to NGALINN, undock, fly 'home'.



I suggest using SOLO GAME MODE for doing the grind as landing pads are limited and too many cmdrs in open mode don't care about blocking a pad forever while harvesting missions. Especially when using an ASP Explorer or some other medium pad sized ship, solo mode is a good choice.

SOLO mode is also fine for avoiding gankers as there is almost always some halfwit in an engineered combat ship trying to feel alive by shooting people to smithereens.

If you're attacked by NPC, don't bother, they're not of high combat rank and their equipment is marginal. Even a weak Asp Explorer can handle these.

Please make sure you do not burn out or, even worse, bore out while doing the grind. I strongly suggest making a break and doing other stuff every 2-4 hours minimum. You will start hating Elite if you don't.

Good luck, future KING.