RANKS: Rank Up Fast: Empire- #00068

Empire Rank for Achenar System and Imperial Ships

If you intend to buy an Imperial Cutter or even if you 'only' wish to gain access to Achenar system for engineering purposes, you will need to rank up in the Empire Navy.

Each step in the empire's rank system will need about twice as much effort as the step before it.

You start with a rank of 'none'.

Outsider, Serf: No benefits

Master: Imperial Courier

Squire: Achenar Permit

Knight, Lord: No benefits

Baron: Imperial Clipper and Summerland Permit

Viscount, Count: No benefits

Earl: Facece Permit

Marquis: No benefit

Duke: Imperial Cutter

Prince, King: No benefit

Basically, everything you do in terms of 'positive' business while docked at an imperial station (controlling faction is imperial) adds up to your Empire rank.

In addition, every bit of 'REP' you gain while doing missions adds up. Check the amount of '+' symbols at missions issued by empire aligned minor factions. The more the merrier.

Last but not least, you can sell cartographic data at a station.

Whenever you have done enough of these, you will occasionally be offered an "Imperial Navy" mission. Only accept these if you like what you are offered.

Not accepting this mission type has no negative effects, even further 'rank work' will continue adding up to your 'rank account' and you will be offered these missions until you fulfill them.

Basically, there are three ways to do 'rank up work':

1. Do not grind

By simply placing yourself at a station with at least one imperial faction and doing missions for this faction occasionally, you will gain imperial rank. Slowly, but you will, eventually.
If you're not too keen for empire rank, choose this option as it is the least demanding and the most rewarding.

2. Sell cartographic data

Even if you are not an explorer, this is an incredibly efficient way to gain rank. Either use eddb.io's 'body' function to get a list of earth like planets around your location, then use a detailled scanner to earn about 400.000 credits per scanned planet...

...or grab your ship with the highest range and use ed-howto's forced exploration guide to earn up to 10 million or more per hour in exploration data.

(If you go for detailled scans on nearby earth likes, make sure you only scan the ones at least 25 ly from your location, as you can't sell data that was harvested closer by)

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