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Elite Dangerous is a different kind of game

As you know, it goes back to the 1980s in which it was as far from being an MMO as it gets.

Only with funding it in 2013 it had to become a multiplayer experience to make it attractive enough for 'modern times'.

Making it a multiplayer game would not have been a major problem if its creator and its developer(s) wouldn't lack any experience in creating a game with social interaction.

FYI: It would have been no problem at all creating a no-gank-no-grief game in the 80s as computer users back then would have outlawed any anti social behavior in no time.

Not so in 2014 or later.

Frontier Development considered it a good idea to promote Elite as a game in 'a cutthroat galaxy', telling people it's a combat simulator and attracting all the ones who were banned'n'booted from other games' servers for antisocial behavior.

After release, this hasn't been a major problem outside starter systems as the game was too complex for people with a disturbed mind and low IQs - both a requisite for a longer ganker/griefer career.

Then 'wings' functionality was introduced.

Then 'engineers' tuning was introduced.

Then Frontier Development improved sales by providing info to the media about weird people who targetted Twitchers, Regulars and at one time even a cancer charity. Sales went up, but to what kind of people?!

These days, Elite has a serious ganker/griefer/bully problem as it attracted lots of people who 'paid for ganking' as you will eventually hear from these.

This is a real problem as the number of anti social individuals increases over time. They have gathered in groups which either openly confess to their wrongdoings by using terms like 'gank' or 'bdsm' or 'gri3f3r' or 'salt' in cmdr names, ship names and group names. One of the less intelligent ship names you will find is the often used 'carebear killer' as they consider everyone critizising their idiotic actions a carebear, a lefty or a socialist. It's ridiculous.

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