Basics: Gankers And Griefers And Bullies - #00065

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Gankers' standard excuse for acting like a maniac

This little pamphlet shall provide some insight into this small but annoying group of weird people in Elite Dangerous who don't fit in society.
(Be advised: I don't call a brochure a pamphlet. This is the latter in its original meaning)

Let's at first take a look at definitions

What is a ganker

Depending on who you ask there's one consensus in the end: It's a person of average or below average skills, who attacks other players in situations in which the outcome in his favor is predetermined.

In other ways: No skills, no brain, no character -> Attacking in situations with (next to no) chance of being wrecked.

What is a griefer

In short? A sadist. Someone who's using game mechanics (or simply his status in a big engineered ship) to inflict pain on other players. Spoiling their success, their fun and hurting their finances.

Griefers would never confirm being griefers, they make themselves noble creatures by calling themselves 'bringers of salt' or stuff like that.

What is a bully

Oh you know these from school, don't you?

In games, especially in elite, bullies can finally live out the 'being superior' thing by hurting people. The difference between gankers/griefers and a bully is that a bully is targeting an individual.

Gankers and griefers just slaughter for pleasure, they don't care who you are. A bully singles you out. Targets you. Stalks you.

In general...

... if you're attacked by someone who's wrecking you without smack talking at you, he's a ganker. He's living out his dream of being skilled by killing you in a situation in which you got no chance of being victorious. If you opt out of a fight you can't win, he won't throw insults at you, he'll just be disappointed that you're skilled enough for saving your life. These are quite common. Most of them don't even realize they're ganking as they consider themselves honorful PvP combatants. That Matrix pill thing got lost on these...

... if you're attacked by someone who's smack talking or who's throwing insults at you when he realizes you are opting out and you will survive, you just me a griefer. These people get angry when they can't kill you. They live from your anger, your fear, your pain. They call it 'salt' as they obviously can only feel joy themselves by inflicting pain on others. Usually organized in groups in which they become orgasmic in voice chats while watching videos of their deeds round-robin-style. They tell each other they're superior and others are carebears to make sure no remorse sets in...

So one could say, a ganker only has a problem in lacking skills and superiority. A griefer has a serious personality problem which makes him inflict pain on others in a game for compensating something in real life. These people are often radicalized on gamers' platforms - these are the ones who make gamers 'aggressive weirdos' in public space.

... if you're attacked by a certain player over and over again in different places, you found a bully. He's got issues with you and wants to drive you out of his backyard. These are rare in Elite as an individual but quite common in groups - almost all of these call themselves 'lawful' which is a major problem in Elite.

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