WEAPONS: Engineering - Burst Laser And Pulse Laser - #00040

This little essay will tell you everything essential for engineering burst- and pulse-lasers. Both lasers in one as most modifications and effect apply to both lasers and both lasers are quite similar.

Burst and Pulse both run quite cool (burst laser about 50% hotter), both are impulse lasers with the burst laser just doing multi-pulses.

Burst lasers are allrounders and provide a bit more damage potential per second. Their power draw - damage adjusted - is on pulse laser level. If you 'just need a laser' or if you 'want some alround weapon without ammo', go for the burst laser.

If you're using 'fixed' instead of gimball or turret as an aiming method, consider using pulse lasers as these are easier to use in fixed mode. The intermittent bursts of the burst laser (sic!) can be a handful, especially for beginners.


These modifications are available for both lasers, burst and pulse: