TRADE: Rare Goods Trading- #00028

Knowledge equals profit.
Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #74

The more money you earn per ton you carried somewhere, the more lucrative your job as a space trucker.

Unfortunately you need some time to earn enough money for buying a ship with lots of cargo.

Until then, you got a viable alternative option: Trading rare goods.

What are rare goods?

In contrary to regular commodities, rare goods are... rare. Hahah.

Seriously, at several dozen stations in the populated parts of the Galaxy you can purchase a limited number of so lcalled rare goods. Most of these are not very expensive, the most expensive ones are at around 25.000 credits.

Understood. Now what to do with these?

After purchasing rare goods, you simply transport them to another station. With each light year of distance, the rare goods become more and more valuable.

Unfortunately, the value increase is not unlimited over distance and it's far from being a linear function.

In the 'real' world, you need at least 130 light years of distance for an efficient increase in value. Above this value, the increase per additional light year becomes less and less until there's next to no additional gain.

As a rule you should sell your rare goods 120-140 light years from their point of purchase.

Question of questions: How much?

As an example, you can buy some lave brandy at... Lave System and... Lave Station. Easy, mh?

Purchase price per ton should be around 3.500 credits with about 12 tons ready for purchase. Investment: 42.000 credits and some fuel.

Going to system Zeessze (not a typo, not drunk, spelled this way!) you dock at station Nicollier Hangar about 500 ls from main star.

Not only can you buy some Zeessze Ant Grub Glue (no kidding!) for your next trip, you can also sell your Lave Brandy (in case you haven't emptied the bottles yourself on the way there...)

At Nicollier hub, you do the math: Invested 12 x 3.500 = 42.000 credits, sold for about 12 x 19.000 = 228.000 credits.

That's not only an income of about 186.000 credits in total (or ca. 15.500 credits per ton - which is btw about 2.5-3 times as much as you can earn transporting a regular commodity), it's about 550% percent of its worth at Lave - a wonderful income based on quite low investments.

Still not lucrative?!

Here comes a neat trick: By using a good website - I strongly suggest using Although a bit old fashioned and still using classical port 80 http (hard to find therefore, search engines don't like that...) this site is a wonderful tool.

You can see at an instant, that there's a rare good "nest" around Lave/Leesti. You can easily fill your ship's cargo hold with up to 64 tons and more of good stuff, then jump for 120-140 ly to any other place with a high "density" in rare goods.

If not for the money, at least try the "rare good thing" for the fun. You will see some interesting places, laugh about quite creative rare good names and learn a lot about travel.

Post Scriptum

There's a wonderful website you can use for random rare good transports. It's called and worth a visit. You can find rares next to you (or up to around 75 ly of distance) for easier purchase of your first batch... or a secondary batch when currently buying something somewhere. Play around. THIS is elite as it was meant to be.