TOOLS: INARA.CZ - English Spoken Multi Tool - #00033

Elite Dangerous has a huge and productive community. One of its hotspots is INARA.CZ. is a real multi tool, here are some of its features:

Okay, I give up. This list can only be a rough estimate about's features, so here in a few words more:

Inara is the one place to go for information. No matter if you're searching for a squadron, another cmdr, a place to sell your mined stuff ... inara is the place to go.

Its (almost) best feature though is its ability to create crafting lists for Horizon's Engineers: you simple select what kind of module you wish to modify the way you like it and INARA provides you with a list of materials you need in order to complete your task.

Now comes the neat trick:

Inara provides an API connection which can be used together with other apps, like the Elite Dangerous Market Connector. This little tool, once connected to INARA, sends your current data to it. This is not only helpful for keeping track about your activities, it also shows you which materials for engineering you got in hold, yet.

With this information, it becomes as easy as possible to engineer your ship. It saves time, hassle and a lot of brain work. Use it plenty.

PS: INARA.CZ is english spoken. Its creator - Artie - maintains a very helpful user forum on site and keeps the site without ads. Please consider donating if finding INARA.CZ helpful.