TOOLS: EDMC - Much More Than Market Data - #00034

EDMC is short for Elite Dangerous Market Connector, which - although this was and is the primary function of this wonderful application - is missing on a lot of helpful features of it.

EDMC does some real magic:

Upload of market data for everyone.

The data gathered by EDMC on each and every time you dock at a station is uploaded to a database that feeds numerous other applications and web sites.

You are seriously doing good (and improving your Karma) by using EDMC for this as countless other cmdrs rely on your uploaded data about the political situation, the market state and ship and outfitting options.

Export your current ship information to a shipbuilder of your choice.

EDMC's export function is a wonderful tool. Whenever you fly a ship and wish to improve it, you have serious trouble checking power consumption, defense, offense and other factors caused by changing a module or a weapon on your ship. Re-building your current setup in one of the ship builders is a time consuming and tedious task.

Here comes EDMC for the rescue. By pressing a single button, the ship builder of your choice, be it

opens in your default browser, showing all your ship's 'intestines'. Ready for modification and fine tuning.

Export your actions and cargo hold to

The moment you start engineering your ship, this function is GOLD with capital letters intended (Feel lucky I don't place a dozen exclamation marks behind it ;-) )

Seriously. After placing (know about it? Community, Squadrons, Personal Profile, News, Info, Engineers... check #00032 for a review) in EDMC's settings, your current state including your cargo hold and material hold will be uploaded to which in turn can show you what you got to collect in order to be able to engineer a certain module.

Provide system information

EDMC is able to show detailled system (and station) information by simply clicking on the corresponding name.

This can speed up your work a lot. Use it!


EDMC provides numerous helpful plugins to ease your daily space life. Check the current list of available plugins on EDMC's website.

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