TOOLS: EDDB.IO - Elite: Dangerous Database - #00052

If I had only known about this site early in game!

Although Elite Dangerous is slowly evolving in terms of ingame mechanisms to find 'stuff' of all kind, it's still a pain to find a station that supplies a certain ship type or a certain module, a system with a special kind of planet or a cheap 500 tons of some commodity.

That's why some lovely people started the EDDB.IO project early on.

With EDDB.IO your frustrated times in game are over: Find whatever you need as fast as possible. For this, EDDB.IO provides 9 major search engines which are partly customizable and GOLD for everyone with more than 5 minutes of time in Elite.


You can either search for a system of which at least the first few letters are known to you, or you can feed the search template with all the characteristics of a system you are looking for.

After entering your reference system (your location), e.g. search for a system that is in 'outbreak' state if you are looking for pharmaceutical isolators - a grade 5 material. Check for 'civil war' if you're out for hardcore combat in a conflict zone. Search for 'control' state in PowerPlay with a system that is aligned to 'Zachary Hudson' for earning merits for a PowerPlay figure.

You can easily sort the results by column - simply click on the column name. This can be useful for population size, for example.


Know the name of a station but not its system? Just enter it into the top field and you'll soon see a list of systems with stations named this way. But there's more to this:

If you are looking for a place to buy a ship or a module, this section is pure gold for you.

Like with the 'Systems' finder, just enter your location into the reference field, then add ship and or module and you will be provided a list of places to go. Sortable, of course.

Although the station finder list can lead you to a place where a certain module or ship is not available as listed (happens when things inside a system have changed and with it availability of 'stuff'), it's near perfect. Near as in 99.9+% on cheap and mid range stuff and still very high on the more rare class 7 and 8 modules.

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