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More than simply driving

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The SRV is very capable, but also quite complex in its usage.

Before using an SRV on a planetary surface, you should make sure you got one installed: You need an SRV hangar and the SRV itself.

Make sure you got your keys assigned in main menu's options submenu as these assignments are not only often missing by default but also often AWOL after some game update.

Assign SRV keys as you like them, but be aware there is not only forward, backward, left and right. You also got options to reposition the SRV while jumping respectively falling, which is quite helpful after you learned to drive it.

After landing on a planet's surface (make sure you're either using one of the longer legged ships or at least land on a less rough surface so you don't get stuck underneath your ship), you deploy the SRV by using your 'downward' view in the ship's cockpit (standard key: 3). Use DEPLOY to enter your SRV and lower it to the planet's surface.

You can either use absolute settings in speed while keeping 'Flight assist' ON, or relative settings in speed by turning it off. This comes down to personal choice, as the 'huge benefits of FA OFF in SRV driving' are mostly and urban legend. You might turn a bit tighter and be more agile, but please decide for yourself if the missing comfort is worth it for you.

It's favorable to remind oneself over and over again that the vertical thruster function (standard key: space) can save you a lot of damage. The SRV is quite vulnerable to heavy impacts as the shields do not protect 100% of the hull. Keep it gentle and try to buffer falls by using the vertical thruster.

For general driving, I suggest NOT to use full '4 pips' in ENG. Especially without additional (scavenged?) cargo for more traction and on low G planets, you will have quite some problems in traction while your wheels spin because of too much '4 pips in ENG' torque. Keeping it calm and elegant makes you more effective than spinning around (although the latter can be fun!)

Do not go full throttle ever except on very smooth surfaces without any obstacles. Full throttle makes your SRV unstable as all power on wheels is yet used for speed, there is no room for differential wheel spinup for stabilizing you when impacting the ground after a jump or after going over an obstacle.

Make sure you deployed your cargo scoop before going materials hunting, it saves you an additional loop over a material fragment. The deployed cargo scoop does not increase damage to your SRV or make you slower. It has no side effects to deploy it in advance and permanently.

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