SRV: Basic Combat - #00058

Your ground based, six wheeled, monstrously capable and somehow wierd (sic!) standard SRV is named the 'Scarab'.

It is better in defense than you might initially think with about 2/3 the shields of a starter Sidewinder and about the same amount of hull protection - in other words: About 25 MJ of shields and about 108 MJ of hull.

In offense, your Scarab provides two more or less gimballed plasma repeaters (they're gimballed but their tracking is way sub par compared to ships' gimballed weapons).


... is done best by keeping 4 full pips in SYS - especially as long as your shields are up. This will increase your measly shield strength from 25 MJ to roughly 110 MJ.

Your engines don't need any pips in ENG as the SRV doesn't really drive a lot faster or turn better with any pips assigned.

Your weapons can and shall receive the rest of the 6 to-be-assigned pips with 2 in WEP. This will make the plasma repeaters shoot for quite a while. When running dry, you can switch to 4 in WEP as your shields are most probably down either way when WEP has gone empty using 2 pips in WEP.


Hitting whatever you want to hurt is easier without deploying the turret for beginners and easier when deploying after some time of getting used to handle the turret.

IF you can, practice a bit with it, it gives you a lot more options in hitting your enemy than the pseudo-gimballed forward look without deploying the turret is.


When evading enemy fire, you should be aware that running away AND hitting your enemy is a dream that rarely comes true.

Try to stabilize the SRV by standing still whenever being offensive and move like a rabbit on amphetamine when being in a defensive situation.


... is a real issue, be it for your weapons or for your enemy's weapons. You can easily outrun a full horde of skimmers, but you won't run away from a space ship. Decide yourself.


... is unfortunately not an option. Especially when fighting skimmers of any kind near man made structures, hiding behind a wall, a turret or whatever can be utilized is a good idea. No visibiliy, no damage.


While not under fire, you can

a) repair your shields by putting 4 pips into SYS and by waiting a bit

b) repair your hull by opening the right computer terminal of your SRV. Choose synthesis and 'rapair SRV hull'