SHIPS: Types - Multi Role - Sidewinder - #00029

Never underestimate a Sidewinder!

Yes, the Sidewinder is the smallest ship available.

Yes, the Sidewinder is a starter ship.

Yes, the Sidewinder is weak, with minimal firepower.

No, it is not a crappy ship.

For beginners, the Sidewinder is a wise choice. Not only is it a fabulous basic trainer, it also is provided for no cost.

Its rebuy cost in case of destruction is negligable. Even when equipped with better modules, its rebuy is minimal.

A Sidewinder can transport up to 16 tons of cargo by replacing all optional modules - including shields - with cargo racks.

Even combat is an option. One might not be able to kill the largest NPC ships in game with it, but accompanying law enforcement in resource zones with an income of 1-2 million credits per hour is not a problem at all.

For cmdrs who are a bit more experienced, a Sidewinder can be a great personal shuttle with jump ranges of up to 23 light years per single jump when not modified. A guardian frame shift drive booster increases its single jump range to at least 28 light years. In combination with an engineered frame shift drive, single jump ranges reach levels over 40 light years!

Explorers, who have 'seen it all' often opt for a Sidewinder for a 'special journey'. Some Sidewinders have seen 'Beagle Point' with over 65.000 light years from SOL!

Defense without engineering is - of course - weak. Your best option is to dodge incoming enemy fire by staying as mobile as possible. Just keep in mind that the Sidewinder is a shallow thing, facing your enemy or running away in a direct line provides a small silhouette. By turning, you create a huge target silhouette which multipliues damage done on your ship on all distances. You either turn faster toward your enemy than he can start aiming at you or you try to outrun him.

Offense without engineering is even weaker. The sidewinder has two - well placed - small class 1 weapon slots and the slowest power distributor slot possible, also in class 1.

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