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Your frame shift drive is a peculiar thing. Especially so in Supercruise mode.

No matter if you're leaving a main star's vicinity after a hyperjump or a planet's surroundings after leaving a station or a settlement, the first thing you have to do is leave the object's mass' detrimental effect.

Up to a speed of about 0.33 c (c = speed of light), you are inside the object's radius of influence and therefore being slowed down.

Departing a main star after a jump

... is as easy as it gets. Simply pull up until you see that thing right behind you on your radar screen. Speed up until at more than 0.33c before changing course.

Departing an orbital station

... is best done by flying straight out of the mail slot until leaving mass lock (deviate 10-20 degrees into any direction for less danger of a collision with NPC or incoming traffic as soon as you left the station).

When out of mass lock, activate your Frame Shift Drive in order to charge it to 100%.

If not high waking to another system, but planning to 'low wake' into Supercruise, you should get away from the (mostly) nearby planet as soon as possible.

The most elegant way to do so is, while charging your FSD, deactivating your Flight Assist and pitching up (or down) your ship until you see the station ahead of you.

Flight Assist OFF for this 180 degrees pitch as it will make you keep your original flight path AWAY from station. This for not getting closer again and moving back into mass lock, which would stop your FSD efforts immediately.

When you see the station, activate Flight Assist again and check your progress bar showing your FSD charge state.

At 80+ percent of charge, activate your booster to get to jump speed. No worries, you will long have jumped before reaching the station.

This procedure: Undock - Fly out of mass lock - Charge - Turn - Boost ... will not only provide the fastest time to FSD activation, it will also let your ship point AWAY from the planet near your station. It's not a "180 degrees from planet" guarantee, as mail slots deviate up to 60 degrees, but it's a nice rule of thumb. In every case, it spares you the tedious "pitch 180 degrees while in Supercruise near a planet" manouevre and therefore a lot of time.

Fly straight on until leaving (at least) the 0.33c speed regime before changing course.

Departing a settlement

... is best done by going straight up 90 degrees as soon as you have undocked.

If not high waking, you simply go straight up until mass lock is gone, charge your FSD, then jump into Supercruise mode.

In Supercruise you go straight on until leaving the 0.33c area, then adjust your course toward your target.

On the road

When outside your departure planet's/star's vicinity, first aim directly at your destination. Then, check if you find some structure being shown on your way to it. Doing this right not onle means rotating your ship for a better view, but "spiraling" toward it.

If you can rule out any objects on the way to your destination, just keep on moving with a direct approach.

If there are objects of any kind, get away from these. Your goal should be to keep as much distance from that given object as you currently have, even if this means flying a wide constant-distance radius around it.

Getting away and staying away from mass is the only factor for your FSD's Supercruise speed. It's wise to stay free of mass as it will definitely speed up your journey.

All these claims, I want facts!

Okay, sure... check CMDR Heisenberg6626's brilliant scientific approach hosted on Canonn Research's website.

Fly safe, CMDR!

Post Scriptum

If you wish to go somewhere fast, do not use 'supercruise assist', instead go full throttle until your timer shows 00:08 seconds, then reduce to lowest blue throttle setting or initiate supercruise assist. This will save a lot of time, especially on larger distances!