MODULES: Power Distributor - #00009

Your ship's most important module

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This claim may sound bold, but after some close examination, it proves true.

The power distributor is a quite complex part of every ship. Its primary function is distributing power from the power generator to the modules. Its secondary function is one of dissipating heat at the same time.

It is represented in a ship's cockpit by three columns, usually called 'buckets', which are named with fitting abbreviations:

SYS – System – for the shield generator, its boosters and utilities and all designated utility modules like heat sinks, point defences etc.

SYS is extremely important. Apart from providing 250% of shield protection when used with all 4 'pips' (filled dots), compared to a 100% baseline with 0 'pips', it should always have at least a basic amount of power to make sure you can utilize heat sinks or electronic countermeasure when needed.

ENG - Engines – is the place where your thrusters (not: Frame Shift Drive) draw their energy from.

A filled ENG bucket is needed for boosting, which is your emergency out in combat situations in which you need to find a safe place (behind your enemy). More pips in ENG provide more agility, more normal speed and shorter boost intervals. ENG has no influence on supercruise activity.

WEP - Weapons – provides energy (and needed heat dissipation) for your weapon systems.

A filled WEP bucket is a good idea before starting an attack run. More 'pips' in WEP provide more 'flow' toward weapons: depending on setup you can keep on firing literally forever or at least for much longer when using more 'pips' in WEP.

When using weapons that create a lot of heat, you should try to keep WEP at least half filled: heat dissipation gets worse the lower WEP's state with more and more heat making your ship warmer and warmer until your modules suffer. Keep an eye on your ship's temperature when using 'hot' weapons and unfilled WEP buckets.

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