Missions: Understanding Assassination Missions - #00066

Make him an offer he can't refuse!
Some gangster

When doing 'assassination' missions, you are offered quite some different tasks.

The first thing you have to watch out for, is the mission's title.

"Assassinate, Remove, Take Down, Urgent, Wetworks" are the 5 most frequent titles for these missions. Unfortunately, you can't be 100% sure which title meets certain criteria, so...


There are three main factors to consider when checking mission descriptions:

1. Got a name?

Whenever a victim's name is given, the mission is less complex than others. With a name, there's a high chance you will see a place to go to for your 'job' in your left hand inship navigation list (color: blue).

2. Nav Beacon or Ground Structure?

After having jumped to the given system, you first check your in ship navigation list for a mission target. If there's none, you will either have to scan a nav beacon or a ground settlement's data port.

Scanning the nav beacon is easy: Drop into the nav beacon instance (left in ship window navigation list 'nav beacon', remember?). When there, check for a signal in grey-white, look at it and target it 'ahead' using your standard key 'T' or whatever you have assigned for 'pewpew that thing ahead'.

After a few seconds, the nav beacon shows you a location to fly to. This is not the victim's location, but the first place to go. When on your way there, check for a mission target in blue color appearing in left in ship's navigation list.

Scanning a ground settlement is a bit time consuming regarding the approach. When there, try to approach the settlemnt in an 70-90 degree angle for better oversight. Dive down toward it. Keep an eye on gravity (everything above 0.5 g is a pain to recover when diving too fast).

Check for a grey-white symbol called dataport or similar and target it. Switch to "Exploration" mode on your HUD and use your data scanner to grab your victim's location.

You should urgently check if you got something on the stove at home after scanning as most settlements will open fire at you. First, boost 3-4 times while scud running near the surface. Pull up when you've got enough distance for not getting shot at anymore.

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