Missions: Understanding Assassination Missions - #00066

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3. Legal or Illegal?

Doing illegal missions is not much of a problem if you're of the ambivalent type or of the don't-care-at-all type. Just check if it's illegal before you accept the mission.

In case your little destruction orgy is an illegal one, use inara.cz's 'nearest' function to locate an interstellar factor equipped station nearby. Fly there and get rid of your bounty instead of going to jail when docking at a regular station.

Regular assassination targets are not that hard to kill. Even in an uneningeneered vessel with medium skills, you can make good money and collect some precious materials for engineering later on.

Enemies are usually mid level, bigger ships often in competent combat rank and only the smallest in higher ranks. If you master a high intensity resource zone's bounty hunting scenario without dying all the time, you will have fun doing these missions.


Some - high paid - assassination missions got a small blue symbol in mission board's list.

These are wing-assassination-missions and that 'wing' is a term that's not there for fun.

Wing missions should be done in a wing. Surprise.

If not in a wing, you should use a highly engineered combat ship of at least medium size, paired with lots of skill on the human side.

Here is why:

Wing assassination missions not only go against a dangerous/deadly/elite ranked combat ship of at least Fer-de-Lance size, your victim will also be escorted by at least three other ships. All of them will start firing at you once you are considered hostile.

Problem here? Your victim and his buddies got engineered ships. They are almost without exception using:

- Feedback cascade effect - whenever you see the 'three coins of death' at your ship's hologram (right of your radar) do not activate a shield cell bank - it wouldn't have any effect on your shield, it would only heat you up

- Corrosive effect - the moment your shields drop, all weapons firing at you will have a significant bonus in damage on you

and the worst

- Phasing effect - even with shields up, about 10% of these weapons' damage bleeds through onto your hull. You will lose hull with shields up! Use plenty of hull reinforcements and keep an eye on your hull's health

All in all, assassination missions are not the most lucrative. Expect three missions per hour on average with about 5 million credits earned per hour. They are a nice 'thing for a change' and - even more important - they're a good source of some high grade engineering material. Always check if you can harvest some!

Fly safe!