MATERIALS: Shortcuts - Antimony & Ruthenium & Tellurium & Tungsten - Anaconda Wreck Koli Discii - #00013

Gathering RAW materials can be a tedious and time consuming task.

Koli Discii's Anaconda wreck is the most comfortable way to gather some of the most needed materials:

What you need

Where to go
Koli Discii system. Planet C 6 A (In the local system map: Third main star. 6th planet. A sub planet (moon etc.)

28.556 North and 7.157 East
Just approach the planet below blue thruster level. When you see your planetary coordinates appearing in the right low HUD corner, slow down. Align to a northern (360) or southern (180) heading. Fly into that direction until the first coordinate fits.

Turn to an eastern (090) or western (270) direction to go for the second coordinate. Stop BEFORE you reach a perfect coordinate match. You need to glide down there, remember? So when 5-10 degrees out, aim down at the canyon in which the wreck is located.

Use night vision
Nope, it's not cheating. It's a feature. Check your default key and change if needed. Activate night vision. You'll soon see the wreck and the (useless) nearby settlement (defunct).

Is there valet parking available?
Not really. Just place your ship close to the Anaconda's wreck. It's a suitable and comfortable parking space.

Do not forget to DISMISS SHIP once you got your SRV deployed. This location is known for ganking attacks in open mode. And you'll be active in open half of your time spent there. A killed SRV is a nuiscance. A killed ship is costly.

What to do when in the deployed SRV?
  1. Deploy your cargo scoop
  2. Select 411 - 4 in SYS, 1 in ENG, 1 in WEP (default: arrow down, 2x arrow left)
  3. On your first go, aim for the Anaconda and scan its ship core. This one will not be refreshed on each go.
  4. Check for the three locations with cargo racks. Shoot at them until materials are freed. Collect these.
  5. After the third freed cargo rack, use your ESC key for main menu. Leave your current mode. Select another mode (open <-> solo). Restart in that mode.
  6. Repeat until either bored to death or filled up to the max.
Route to collect all three cargo racks' contents in one go. View from Anaconda wreck.Route at Koli Discii Anaconda Wreck location to gather materials like Antimony, Ruthenium and Tellurium
Pro Tip 1: Collect two tons of cargo on the surface if you like to have more traction. It will increase your SRV hull damage over time, but you probably don't plan to harvest stuff forever.

Pro Tip 2: There is no need to jump at this place. Jumps degrade your hull. Keep it smooth.