MATERIALS: Raw: Polonium - Grade 5 - #00015

Polonium is one of the most important materials in Elite Dangerous. Although it is categorized as 'very rare' (actually one of the only two 'very rare' element materials, the other one being Antimony).

Material traders allow trade with almost every other raw 'element' material. If you wish to trade something in for Polonium, you can do so with other grade 4(5) element material with a ratio of 6:1.

Category 6 is Polonium's group, together with mercury, arsenic and rhenium.

It is more advisable to use mercury as a source for a Polonium trade, this class 3 element material has a 6:1 ratio but it's way easier to harvest than grade 4 or 5 material.

Engineers need Polonium for a special effect on mines called 'radiant canister'.

Synthesis uses Polonium for premium FSD injection (more range, 1x needed per synthesis), premium AX Explosive Ammunition (2x needed per synthesis) and for premium Explosive Ammunition (5x needed per synthesis).

Regular places to find higher quantities of Polonium are best to be searched for by using, three high content systems for example:

No shortcut available

Known geological hotspots like volcanoes at gas/lava/rock fumeroles. Use Exioce - Boston's Wreck - either 'gas vents' or 'lava spouts'. With 'needle crystal' structures you have a high chance of polonium.