MATERIALS: Raw - Grade 5 - Antimony - #00014

Antimony is one of the most important materials in Elite Dangerous. Although it is categorized as 'very rare' (actually one of the only two 'very rare' element materials, the other one being Polonium).

Material traders allow trade with almost every other raw 'element' material. If you wish to trade something in for Antimony, you can do so with other grade 4(5) element material with a ratio of 6:1.

Category 7 is antimony's group, together with boron, zirconium and lead.

It is more advisable to use Boron as a source for an antimony trade, this class 3 element material has a 6:1 ratio but it's way easier to harvest than grade 4 or 5 material.

Engineers need Antimony for shield booster modification: 'Heavy Duty' modifications, enhancing raw shield strength, uses antimony in grade 5.

Synthesis uses Antimony for premium grade small calibre ammunition (multi cannon, 1x needed per synthesis) and for premium grade large calibre ammunition (cannon, fragment cannon, 2x needed per synthesis).

Regular places to find higher quantities of antimony are best to be searched for by using, three high content systems for example:

Shortcut for high amounts per time used is Koli Discii's Anaconda Wreck. High spawn rate, together with other valuable high grade raw materials.

No known geological hotspots like volcanoes