INCOME: HowTo - Mining - Did You Know Part 1 - #00057

If you're into REGULAR (not deep-core) you might want to check this list of "did you know" items you might have missed. Knew all? Be proud of yourself. Know more? Tell me!


With your prospector limpet having arrived at your current rock-of-desire, you can see its contents. Needless info, but a needed introduction, sorry.

To check what you can expect from that rock, you do a little bit of math. It goes like this:

--> Check percentage of the material you go for

If going for painite, you may see a value of 50.00% painite in an asteroid.
No other material.

This would provide about 15 tons of painite after having chipped off fragments until depletion.

Why? Because Asteroids contain a maximum rate of about 26 tons of ore at a theoretical 100% occurence (Numbers are reported differently, here. My long time observation is about 26. Some cmdrs report 25, some report 35... for whatever reason. As I am selfish and stubborn, I use 26 as a fix point here).

50% would be 13 tons, 20% would be roughly 5 tons. Your mileage may vary a bit on these values, but regularly it's about that.

--> Check total percentage of all material

Let's consider another analysis:

10% painite
15% bertrandite
25% osmium

Here, you first check your expected outcome with 10% painite if there was no other ore present, which is about 2.6 tons (with 26 tons of ore being 100%)

Now that other ore is present, you need to apply more to get the whole picture.

1. Check how much ore there is in total: 10% painite + 15% bertrandite + 25% osmium = 50% total

2. Check how much your desired painite makes up: 10% out of 50% = 20% of present ore

3. Apply these 20% to your expected ore of 2.6t (if there was no other ore) and you'll end with about 0.5 tons of painite in that rock.

Ore to be expected = ( ore1_percent / (ore1_percent + ore2_percent + ore 3_percent) ) * 26 tons
... with ore1 being what you drool for :-)


When checking content analysis values, you should not only look at the percentage of your desired ore. Presence of other ore is of great importance as every bit of undesired ore in your current asteroid decreases real output of what you are there for.

In other words: Prefer single-ore asteroids of a certain percentage over asteroids with multi-ore-content

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