INCOME: HOWTO For Beginners – Bounty Hunting With Cops - #00008

Learn basic combat skills while earning 1-2 million credits per hour
(Update: Buff! Expect 6-12 million credits per hour now!)

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As a beginner, you should not only get accustomed to your new surroundings, you should also learn basic skills which keep you from getting frustrated later on.

Bounty hunting with cops assisting you will help you create a basic combat skill set – without dying too much – while ranking up on combat rank and earning a serious amount of money.

Ship: Whatever you're currently using. Every ship works. Keep it small for less rebuy in case things go wrong, though.

Modules: Buy a kill warrant scanner in any class. It's an optional module that costs about 40.000 credits in 'OD' quality, about 14.000 credits in '0E' quality. This module increases your income per 'kill' by a factor of 2-4, depending on the bounties on your victim it is able to scan. (KWS scan ships for additional bounties from other systems). You do not NEED this module for this howto, so if you don't have the money at hand, just skip it and buy this thing later on. Availability around starter space / DROMI is suboptimal, next station that sells these is Eddington Refinery – LSE 239 System. If you started around LHS 3447, you should find it at almost any station.

Weapons: Use a gimballed weapon. 'A' because one is enough, you're not really fighting now, you're just doing a bit of damage. It is easier to handle your power distributor with only one weapon. Later on when you start to fight, get some real weapons. For now: A single gimballed burst laser is the wisest choice.

Location: What you need is a resource zone of high intensity. You can see if such a thing is present in your current system by checking your navigation short list in your left in-ship-window. They're usually found in Extraction/Refinery Type systems with ringed planets. If you started at Dromi, go there. A high intensity resource zone is neaar Mawson Dock (ca. 340ls). You need a station nearby for comfortably cashing in on your bounty vouchers.

FYI: Resource Zones are mining areas. They come in different intensity (low/not designated/high/hazardous). They differ in spawn rate and in 'hardness' of enemy ships. Hazardous Zones usually have no cops in them, so they're of no use for you in this howto. Don't go there in weak ships.

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