Improve the CNB/Res Locator

Thank you for dropping by.

Uploading your game journal file(s) will make a little script search for the occurence of Compromised Nav Beacons and Resource Zones in systems you visited.

Depending on your goal of finding CNB/Res around your place or of helping the community find new CNB/Res, you can either upload a journal from a day on which you were around your home system(s) or you can upload a journal when you were traveling.

After completing the following two steps, the script will (hopefully) show you the places found in your journal file. After your confirmation that these look okay, data will be uploaded but not yet shown in regular searches. This needs an admin confirmation due to numerous ways in which the script can produce garbage or malicious people can pull stunts with names etc...

Okay... here we go:

Step 1: Select game journal to upload:

Please only use recent journal files, older files may not be valid in terms of current system states

Step 2: Upload your selected journal

Please be patient, uploading and processing the file may need up to 5 minutes

INFO: The file you are looking for is somewhere in Windows' user area. That's /YourName/SavedGames/Frontier Developments/Elite Dangerous or similar.
If you can't find it, open a file explorer and search for something named Journal-something.log, with 'something' being a longer number followed by a shorter one.
The larger your journal file, the more things you did, the more data is available.