ENGINEERING: HowTo - Increased Jump Range Frame Shift Drive - Farseer - #00025

So there's more range for my FSD? Which blueprint is it?

The blueprint we are using is FELICITY FARSEER'S 'INCREASED FSD RANGE' modification.

Improvement in percent can't be provided in a precise way as the real performance increase is largely dependent on your ship's mass and the frame shift drive of your ship type that's used.

You can expect at least 10% more jump range using a grade 1 modification (which is very easy to do).
A grade 2 modification should provide at least 20% more jump range.
Completing a grade 3 modification is equivalent to at least 30% more jump range.
At least 40% more jump range can be done with a grade 4 modification.
Master level - grade 5 - will provide at least 50% more jump range.

TL;DR? Add a zero to the grade of improvement done and you'll see the estimated percentage in improved jump range.

Here come the downsides: With each grade, your module will become heavier (up to +30% mass on grade 5 modifications).
In addition, your frame shift drive will lose a bit of integrity. This is of zero importance in regular usage. It will make your FSD fail after a shorter time than unmodified on longer exploration trips, though.

Should I go for a special effect?

Here comes the candy: With an additional 'experimental' effect called MASS MANAGER, you will increase your single jump range to a maximum of 60% improvement or even more!

All engineer blueprints (almost all...) come with experimental effects. Farseer's jump range improvement comes with several possible experimental effects (only one to be applied!):

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