COMBAT: Module Power Management - Overload And Opting Out - #00044

Overload, overload, overload
Comin' on to the
Overload, overload, overload

Gorillaz, 'Stylo'

Power Managment is a term that's broadly used in Elite Dangerous. For a reason.

First of all, you need to make sure that all your modules are well fed by your Power Generator.

Second, you need to make sure your vital modules will still provide a way out if the proverbial shit hits the fan.

Feeding the kids

The big prerequisite of all management is having enough resources to manage. Open up your right in ship window and use the 'module' tab, please.

What you see is a a list of all your modules.

1st column is the module's name.

2nd column is size and quality.

3rd column is the power distributor's pathway (SYS/ENG/WEP) of the module.

4th column is the module's power consumption in percent of power provided by your power generator.

6th column displays health of your module in percentSixth column is the module's priority setting - with highest priority being 1, lowest being 4 or 5 depending on ship and module type.

The most important part for now is the two lines on the bottom, though.

The upper one is only important after receiving power plant damage, it should be at 100% provided power output which means your power plant is in good health. This percentage will go down the more your power plant is getting beaten, either by heat or by mechanical damage through weapons and rams.

The lower one is ingenious and of maximum importance. It shows you the utilization of power by your modules and the priority steps set.

Usually, one would provide a general rule as in 'keep your utilization below 100% if you don't want to make your ship go dark" or something.

This is not the case.

By decreasing the priority of modules which are not really needed in times of combat, you can 'overload' your power plant usage by the amount of power drawn by these modules.

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