COMBAT: Basics - How To Survive Interdictions - #00012

Do it right and you're safe.

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In Elite Dangerous, you're mostly safe from NPC interdictions, if you learn to evade the right way. Even with the strongest NPC which are sent to you in high payout missions, there is a high chance to get away unscathed even in weak and slow ships.

Interdictions by humans (cmdrs) can be evaded the same way, you just have to make sure you wipe your traces. Read on.

When interdicted, the first thing you should do is IDENTIFY your enemy. Use 'biggest threat' (default key: h) to check if you're interdicted by an NPC or a CMDR.

After identifying, you decide if you wish to fight your opponent (check ship type and rank and don't be too bold). If you wish to fight your enemy, just SUBMIT to the interdiction by using 0% throttle (default key: x).

If you decide to EVADE your enemy, you first try to WIN THE INTERDICTION by centering your ship's crosshair in the moving circle, which raises the blue blocks and eventually let's you win the interdiction when these blue blocks reach the top.

The underlying MECHANICS of the interdiction are complex but understandable. You need to imagine a rubber band between your ship and your opponent. Accelerating will make the rubber band go tighter, decelerating will let you move a bit more freely.

Use this knowledge to alter your throttle when fighting the interdiction, slow down a bit if you need to catch a target that has wandered away, accelerate a bit to 'keep it tight'.

EXPERIMENT a bit with throttle and with the way you chase your enemy's circle. Depending on ship type, rolling can be better than just moving around. It all depends. Once thing does not: Your power distributor setting. It's irrelevant in SuperCruise.

NEVER EVER let the red blocks reach more then 2/3 of the way up. Your survival when LOOSING an interdiction depends on you not having lost the fight, but having submitted to the interdiction, so again:

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