Basics: Bi-Weave Shields vs D vs A vs Prismatics - #00063

Freedom is realizing you have a choice
T.F. Hodge

Before you start reading about Shield Generators and all of their secrets (just kidding!), make sure you have understood what kind of effect your power distributor's usage has. Wrong settings in combat can damage your defense in a way the best shield generator available can not compensate for.
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When building a combat ship, you will sooner or later have to decide about what shield generator to use.

By avoiding 'E' graded shields for a lack of performance, 'C' graded shields for being mediocre and 'B' graded shields for being way too heavy, everything comes down to the question:

Bi-Weave, D, A or Prismatic Shields?

... are about as heavy as C rated shields
... provide about as much protection as D rated shields
... need about the same amount of power generator energy as C rated shields
... have a 'broken' regeneration rate about 50% higher than regular shields
... recharge about 144% faster when not under fire and not 'down'

In PvE, Bi-Weave-Shields are best used when you got the need for intermittent and prolonged fighting as in

... you only need a medium capacity in shield strength
... you fight several enemys in a row with pauses in between each

They're great tools for long sessions in Resource Zones, killing one wanted ship after the other as in 'harvesting bounties'

In PvP, Bi-Weave-Shields are often used in ships that either have the option to rebuild their shields outside weapon reach of an enemy. Fast ships having no problems at all reaching 7+ km of distance for a shield rebuild when broken with enough hull to reach that 'safe space'.

If you encounter an enemy in PvP who's using a bi weave shield generator in a not-so-fast ship there's a high chance his ship is a 'hybrid' build. A small but fast-in-recharge shield generator combined with a huge amount of hull strength. These ships often use low temperature setups to make it harder for you to shoot at them. Use A sensors and long range weapons with module damage capacity, e.g. rail guns.

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