BASICS: README.TXT Series - Ships And Outfitting - Part I - #00045

Good habits are worth being fanatical about.
John Irving

Whether you're new to Elite Dangerous or not, you should take the time to check if you have adopted all of the following 'good habits'. They might once save your ship or your sanity.

Buying Ships

- Bigger is not better

- Ships all have one or multiple purposes. Most smaller ships can do the job a bigger one does. Plus fun. Plus less rebuy.
In other words: Bigger ships make everything tighter, professional. Less playful. And more expensive if something goes wrong.
Keep it as small as possible. You will definitely have more fun (except you're one of these people aiming for a space truck, a private moon or something... I know these exist...)

- Test it, baby! Please, always - without exception - take the time and test your future ship type if it can do what you demand. There's so much frustration going on when the shiney new trader carries twice the load but can't land on that one orbital settlement that's needed for "mo' money' due to size restraints. So much pain when you chose a mighty ship with big guns for combat, just to realize it has paper like shields.

- Consult one of the two ship builders
Both are immensively complex and well done. Both provide lots of information. Using them will teach you a lot about ships.

- Consult your ego about sticking to one brand or one superpower when thinking about your ship

Outfitting Ships

- Weight is everything. Keep it light. More jump range. Less cost. Less rebuy. More fun

- Keep it simple. Having 297 different weapons in 89 fire groups is NOT a good start

- Use A rated power plants and power distributors. Always. The latter in an as-big-as-it-gets size

Engineering Ships

- Keep it cool. Check heat creation of your modifications and effects. The last thing you need is your modules aflame

- Keep it easy. Don't grind too much. Engineering takes time. Do fun things in between

- Keep it light. New running shoes (dirty drives) won't compensate being overweight (sturdy mods)

- Plan ahead. You need to think about your ship's purpose and what kind of enemies you will fight. Take into account if your ship is fast or slow, agile or a couch potato. Engineer accordingly